Green Bag Organix Compostable Bags

Why Green Bag Organix

Across the globe, organics recycling is expanding as residents and organizations do their part to reduce the global food waste footprint.

The success of any organics recycling program depends on your compostable bag's ability to protect its valuable contents from your kitchen all the way to its designated industrial composting facility.

Organix Solutions engineered Green Bag Organix to ensure efficient collection of the recyclable food scraps and organic materials being disposed of. Our BPI-Certified Compostable Bags are 5-star sealed and manufactured in the U.S. with industrial-strength biopolymer resin. Green Bags are used across the United States, and favored by both residential and commercial customers for their durability and performance characteristics.

For assistance selecting your bag size(s), or for larger-quantity commercial pricing, please contact one of our experts today: (763) 972-1101.

Green Bag Organix Disclaimer

Green Bags purchased from this online store are NOT acceptable in a residential or commercial Organix CO-COLLECTION Program. Organix Solutions' Co-Collection Green Bags have been certified by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Revenue to be utilized in a residential or commercial Co-Collection Program. Co-Collection bags must be ordered through your hauler or program manager.